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Honolulu R.L

Worth Every Penny I spent on this Massage Chair
I bought Fujimi Massage Chair during the pandemic and this chair is fantastic.
I'm 6 feet tall and most of the chair I tried didn't reach to the top of the neck. The Zero-gravity mode is darn comfortable that I often fall asleep in it, lol
Highly recommended.

Honolulu T.S

Absolutely the best investment
This is my best investment of the year! I been looking for these for years and I finally made the purchase. You can't beat the value to treat yourself with the best massage ever I get in my life. Since the day one, I'm using every day.
Since this was big investment, I did purchased an extended warranty to cover my investment. They said that if I have any problem with the chair, with just one call they'll send a Technician to my house and fix it onsite! you don't get this kind of service often in Hawaii tho lol

Honolulu G.F

TKWORLD Massage Chair did meet my expectations.
I heard good reviews from my friend who has their chair for a while and finally convinced me to give it a try at their showroom at Pearlridge mall. I had a hard time to decide from two model (between the '20 and '21 model) since both had a good massage. Ended up with the 2020 model because of the stretch feature sold me the chair. It does great massage on my back from the neck to the hip, yeah it does the hip massage lol.
I'm satisfy with this chair, no complains at all except of one minor thing that when you like to use this chair as regular just sitting chair, is not the best chair, but well it's a massage chair not a reclining chair after all.

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