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TS7500 Massage Chair_001.png

NAGOMI Massage Chair

Model TS7500

TS7500 Massage Chair-002.png

Smart Body Scan and Acupuncture

With new innovative technology to track your body specifics, you can receive the best massage, made specifically for you.

TS7500 Massage Chair-003.png

Zero Gravity

Zero-Gravity is a function that allows the user the feeling of weightlessness and ensuring perfect relaxation without any restriction.

TS7500 Massage Chair-004.png

Zero Space

Designed to save spaces in homes, it can be put against the wall with no problem! The design allows it to move forward, allocating more space in your household.

TS7500 Massage Chair-005.png

A Customized Massage for You

Through manual control, users can customize their massage experience for their maximum comfort and enjoyment. With many different options to specify what areas you would like to target, an intelligent mechanism's massage can feel just like a professional masseuse. Some actions such as: knead, squeeze, flap, press, push hold, swing, and twist can ensure a quality massage to refresh yourself and relieve fatigue.

TS7500 Massage Chair-006.png

Innovated Technology

Stretch Function

This creative function is based on the chiro conception, focus on governor meridian on back waist and bladder meridian to do traction and stretch, it can widen the space between vertebral body to avoid bone spur and cartilage oppression on this way, muscle tension and joint stiffness problems can be solved due to hard working all day.

TS7500 Massage Chair-007.png
Backrest down.png

Backrest down

Press this button on controller, the backrest will go down Release this button, the backrest stops moving. the angle is locked in this position

Backrest up .png

Backrest up

Press this button on controller the backrest will go up. Release this button, the backrest stops moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Legrest down.png

Legrest down

Press this button on controller, legrest will go down. Release this button, legrest stops moving, the angle is locked in this position.

Legrest up.png

Legrest up

Press this button on controller, legrest will go up. Release this button, legrest stops moving, the angle is locked in this position.


Zero gravity

Press the button "Zero.backrest go down and logrest raise up the chair go into Zero gravity status automatically.Press the Button again, the backrest and legrest stop moving, and it will lock at this position. However to change the angles, we can keep comfortable massage status all the time.

Legrest extend and retract.png

Legrest extend and retract

Legrest can extend or retract within a range of 23 CM.


Arm massage

Put arms between arm airbags before the embedded airbags filled with air. It will perfom pinch massage techniques to arms and hands after airbags inflating.

Shouldermassage .png

Shoulder massage

Multilayer extrusion airbags is deployed on both sides of the shoulder. Achieve pressure shoulder stretch massage, relieve shoulder fatigue.

Foot roller massage .png

Foot roller massage

Footrest parts with roller massage and air pressure massage function. Through stimulating the foot reflex zones, and clear the body meridians. regulate and restore human organs function, improve the body resistance and immunity effectively.

An Easy To Use System

A massage chair with many functions to suit your needs, and with a press of a button, you can experience the massage you've been needing. With a variety of options to utilize, achieving comfort and happiness is just a few buttons away.

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