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3Different Comfort Levels Custom Sizes Available

Colva Mattress

Our bestselling mattress and the one most recommended by medical professionals. Layers of coir (2") alternate with layers of latex (2"), creating a signature "sandwich" style that makes Palmpring truly unique. Can range from medium to firm depending on which side you flip your mattress to sleep on. Feels firm, but still plush enough to remind you that it's possible to sleep on a cloud!

Natural Latex + Coir + Latex + Coir 4-layer Sandwiched


Cover: Wool, Cotton

Mattress: 4 layers

1. latex                   ILD : 26

2. coconut coir    ILD : 41

3. latex                   ILD : 26

4. coconut coir    ILD : 41


Twin                  39 x 75 x 9

Twin XL            39 x 80 x 9

Full                   54 x 75 x 9

Queen              60 x 80 x 9

Cal King           72 x 84 x 9

East King         76 x 80 x 9

On the firmer side, the Ellora mattress has one layer of latex (2") and a thicker layer of palm coir (4"). This combination provides consistent body support from head to toe combined with excellent ventilation that keeps the mattress free of heat and moisture retention. The mattress can be flipped to either the latex or coir side to adjust to your comfort level. Not for softies!

Ellora Mattress
(Very Firm)

Natural Latex + Coir 2-layer Sandwiched


Cover: Wool, Cotton

Mattress: 2 layers

1. latex                       ILD : 26

2. coconut coir        ILD : 41


Twin                    39 x 75 x 7

Twin XL              39 x 80 x 7

Full                      54 x 75 x 7

Queen                 60 x 80 x 7

Cal King              72 x 84 x 7

East King           76 x 80 x 7

Two layers of latex (4" and 2") "sandwich" one layer of palm coir (2") to create a "cushion" for those used to sleeping on a mattress that absorbs the body's movements. Great for people who frequently toss, turn and roll around. Offers the option to sleep on the plush side, or the firm side for days when your body needs more support. Provides excellent ventilation, spring action and shock absorbance. Pure comfort and bliss!

Puri Mattress

Natural Latex + Latex + Coir + Latex 4-layer Sandwiched


Cover: Wool, Cotton

Mattress: 4 layers

1. latex                           ILD : 26

2. latex                           ILD : 28

3. coconut coir            ILD : 41

4. latex                           ILD : 32


Twin                            39 x 75 x 9

Twin XL                      39 x 80 x 9

Full                              54 x 75 x 9

Queen                         60 x 80 x 9

Cal King                      72 x 84 x 9

East King                    76 x 80 x9

Palmpring Adjustable Bed

Wave is our breakthrough mattress for adjustable beds, which features a flexible 2" ribbed coconut layer (coir) sandwiched in between two 2" layers of organic latex. While sleeping on plush latex, the strong supporting layer of coir provides resilience and absorbs shocks. Medium comfort with lots of flexibility!

Adjustable mattress only


Natural Latex + Ribbed Coir + Latex - 3 layer Sandwiched


Cover: Wool, Cotton

Mattress: 3 layers

1. latex                                   ILD : 26

2. ribbed coconut coir           ILD : 41

3. latex                                   ILD : 26


Twin                                 39 x 75 x 7

Twin XL                            39 x 80 x 7

Full                                   54 x 75 x 7

Full Long                          54 x 80 x 7

Queen                               60 x 80 x 7

Split Queen                      60 x 80 x 7

Split Cal King                   72 x 84 x 7


Palmpring was founded in South Korea in 1996 by Dae-seob Kim, who loved the outdoors. A visionary of green living, he believed that green products were going to be the wave of the future. 

While working for a fabric company to produce "needle punched coir pads" to cover the metal springs inside traditional mattresses, he conceived the groundbreaking idea to replace the metal springs by using palm coir (coconut fiber), resulting in an all-natural mattress. Next, he developed a method of coating the coir with natural latex derived from rubber trees to give the palm coir a spring-like function. Because palm coir by itself is too firm for most bodies, he added a layer of natural latex to give it some cushion, which evolved into Palmpring's signature "sandwich style," where one layer of coir alternates with a layer of natural latex. 

The Palmpring mattress went through many tests for pressure, harmful substances, flammability, and so forth. For two decades, Palmpring has been offering a blissful night's rest to thousands of satisfied customers.


Natural Latex Foam

We manufacture our products from the highest quality 100% natural latex, sourced from certified organic rubber resin trees and processed in a safe, environmentally-friendly manner. The latex molds for our mattresses, pillows and cushions are formed using the Dunlop process, a method of heating and solidifying the natural rubber into the appropriate density without using additional chemicals

Organic Palm Coir (Coconut Fiber)


Our organic palm coir (coconut fiber) is woven from discarded coconut husks (material that is often considered "waste" in other coconut material trades), which are recycled and processed gently over time with water as the only solvent. 
The processed fibers are then woven into a rope which is then flattened into layers and coated with natural latex to create a water-repelling and germ-resistant mattress base. This rubberized palm coir offers natural flexibility and strong support for the body, replacing the need for metal springs.

100% Organic Cotton and Wool


In addition, a layer of 100% certified organic wool and cotton, which is covered by organic cotton ticking, serves as a "top cover" for our mattresses. The layer of wool acts as an all-natural fire-retardant, and precludes the need for traditional chemical sprays.

Health Benefits

Rest assured.
Palmpring products provide a healthy alternative to synthetic latex and traditional spring mattresses. The natural latex in our products provides a naturally hypoallergenic, 99.9% germ-resistant pillar of support for the body. The lack of heat and water retention in the latex and coir prevents the growth of mold and bacteria, and presents an inhospitable atmosphere for dust mites, which are a common source of allergies and irritation.
Unlike less-expensive poly-synthetic latex alternatives, natural latex does not expose additional chemicals to the body. The layer of woven coir provides a shock-absorbing alternative to metal springs, while the latex layer is perforated using Palmpring's "7 Zones of the Body" mapping system, which provides even weight distribution throughout and allows the spine to remain aligned regardless of sleeping position.

Sustainable Production

With the rise in demand for coconut products and by-products, the demand on coconut production has skyrocketed leaving a huge amount of coconut fiber waste in the form of discarded husks (85% of each coconut is the husk), which cannot easily decompose or be incinerated without creating significant pollution. Palmpring is one of the few companies that utilizes these remnants and recycles them into new products--mattresses, insoles and other items. 

It takes approximately 8 months to transform the coconut husk into Palmpring mattress fiber (palm coir). Palmpring transforms the husk into rope, flattens it out, then coats the fibers with natural latex to create a spring-like material that replaces the need for metal springs. Next, it bonds the palm coir to a layer of 100% natural latex made from organic rubber tree resin in India. The final Palmpring mattress is padded by an outer layer of organic cotton ticking, organic cotton and wool. This represents a sustainable form of production that does not create additional waste nor pollutes the soil with chemicals.


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